On 1999, Mrs Trân Thi Tri, living in Switzerland since 1980, came back to Vietnam, her native country,with the idea of helping her relative to better lodging . On place, she had witnessed the desolate spectacle of the central Vietnam region, region at that time, devasted by catastrophic floods: families without roof nor food, children left themselves without hope. Deeply moved, she reminded of her own unhappy youth and felt implicated into their rescue.As first step, she bought a piece of 7000 m2 land, 10 km off Huê the city, in hamlet Ngu-tây, commune Thuy-An, now An-Tây district, for the construction of two modest lodgings. Due to a small budget, it has taken two stages to complete.Anyhow, it has been used as a health center,free of charges, for poor people to be taken care of by Chinese practitioners, accordingly to their traditional medecine. And it worked ! Sofar 650 patients have been attended succesfully.The initiative has been expanded toneighbourings communes.

Anyhow,Mrs Trân was not satisfied with that first iad step. She longeg for a lasting measure of welfare. Back to Switzerland, she has meditated on a solution, then one day has found it : an humanitarian association, similar to the Swiss Red Cross, but on a very modest level, fitted to the local criteria.At the end, with her own family behind her, with swiss friends and vietnamese community membership, she has set up, on the 1 st July 2003, the AEVNHS (Association d'entraide Viêt-Nam Huê Suisse) with headquarters at Yverdon les Bains. Since 2005,by decision of its comity,it has become AEVHS (Association entraide vietnam huê suisse) and the seat moved to Lausanne.

In the begining, it would build up a centre for abandonned children. By chance, the MANO fondation in Zürich, Switzerland, in 2004, has offered to lay out money for the 1st building and assure its functionning for 3 years. On 2005, the operation has started but has been stopped due to lack of official papers,said the civil service.Mrs Trân requested them to let her rent a 2500 m2 of land for the purpose of an orphanage and it has been granted.In addition, realizing of her good faith,another piece of 3741 m2 land,adjoining the 1st,has been giving to her,without expense.

On the 12 October 2006,the first stone was laying down in the presence of Thua-Thiên Huê officiers.On the 16 July 2007, the An Tây center has been officially inaugurated.Here we must acknowledge our deep gratitude to our benefactors as the Mano foundation in Zürich, VUM Swiss entreprise Logitech,the Alcazar Palace in Montreux, the germano Vietnamese friendship association in Aachen Germany.Our best thanks to Madame Lucienne Charles 1st president of the AEVHS for the furniture and for the guardian lodge,to Dr Lavanchy D.-L ,our vice-president, for the media materials and bonzai.

There are actually 5 people in charge of the center : an administrative director, an omnipotent guardian,an assistant manageress with motherly care function day and night, 2 others maternal home helpers available 24 hours with multiples duties : cooking, cleaning,homework,etc.

As the request for admittance is growing,an annex has been provided by the Ikea firm,by a donation of Mrs Lucienne Charles,by a loan from Mrs Trân own family and thank to the generosity of a swiss lady friend who preferes to keep anonymous.The center Hospital university vaudois (CHUV) in Lausanne,has disposed 2 rooms on the 1st floor for medical care,inaugurated on 10 april 2009.Then on the 20 april 2010,2 separated licences have been granted,one for the informatic work room and one for the dress making workshop.The swiss Embassy in Hanoi,Vietnam,represented by Mr markus Waldvogel has financially joined in planning a playground for physical training as gymnastics,martial arts,football,to fullfil the principle " a well-balanced mind in a healthy body".

On the 2010,Huê Help, a state organisation aimed to get in touch with benevolent foreigners,has invited a group of amercans students and professors from Utah to participate in setting up a playroom. On 2011,Huê Help has propoed to the Singapore team the same request for basket-ball,volley-ball,badmington.So with the opportunity of meeting citizens of different nationalities (France,Switzerland,Canada,USA,England,Belgium,Danemark,Australia,Singapore),the children in An Tây center would have knowm other cultures and opened up to broader horizons. The center also gives the children the oportunity to an apprenticeship in many trades such as dress making,knitting,embroidery(the Vietnamese tradition art),informatic,gardening and 3 rooms are at their disposal.Once their training course finished,they will acquire an official diploma delivered by Huê social service.Among them,until today,one girl student has been appointed professor at Huê university,2 others in the second year in Hôi-An hotelry school,a boy student in second year informatic in the faculty of sciences in Huê and another one in Danang polytechnic.All the children must go through primary and secondary schools. The center,today enlarged,has the capacity to have boarded and lodged 40 children.Some have left after a short stay and have been replaced by new arrivals.Besides,they also have to attend para-school activities such as swimming,cultural visits(museum for instance),going to the beach,etc. The center even offers food for families in need,helps them for healthy housing. Lets us hope that the An Tây children would become,first,good citizens in the future,and next,could be able and ready to give a helpful hand to the next generation.