The goal for the coming years is the establishment of a third dwelling.

Description of the project

This project will also allow to separate boys and girls and thanks to the generous donors, we will be able by doing so,to further increase the capacity of the hospitality center An-Tây. The space dedicated to the care and the infirmary will also be expanded.The association continues to distribute food. We are also pround of building a little bridge across the river, which was dangerous for the children to cross. It is very useful, since 1000 more people use it every day.

Budget construction of the third house

Last year AEVHS planned for 2011 -2012 CHF 98,000 as construction costs in the budget. The building permit application was submitted, but so far we have not yet received a favorable opinion.Due to the increase in constructin costs, the amount budgeted has to be revised upwards by more than 30 %, at approximately CHF 130000. In 2010, a donor has pledged 40,000 CHF at the time of receiving the building authorization,the remainder will be supported by the family of Ms. Tran.